Equine Photographer & COD Photo Alum Rachel Asmus shares Breeder’s Cup experience this Fall

Lazer, by Rachel Asmus

College of DuPage Photography Alum Rachel Asmus shared the story of her career in Equine Photography and her experience at the last Breeder’s Cup with Silicon and Silver.

“Since leaving COD I have pursued my passion for photography and horses. I ended up transferring to Midway University in Midway, Kentucky where I graduated with my Bachelors in Equine Management. Currently I am pursuing my masters in Equine Business and hope to run my own farm someday.

I have had an interest in Photography for many years and took as many photo classes as I could in high school and college. I mainly photograph horses, nature, and landscapes. Horses are my favorite subject  because they are such beautiful animals and I have always shown a big interest in them. During my time in Kentucky I had the opportunity to go to many horse events as a spectator and take photos. This fall I got the chance to attend the Breeder’s Cup and watch history being made.

I never thought that I would be lucky enough to attend the Breeder’s Cup let alone be a Photo Runner and be more behind the scenes at such a historic event. My advisor from Midway contacted me asking me if I was free the weekend of the race because she had something that she thought I may be interested in doing.

When I got back to her she told me it was to help some photographers at the Breeder’s Cup. I had never been a Runner before and really didn’t know what it would entail. My main job over the two days was to bring the memory cards from the photographers at the finish line and winners’ circle to the editors in the media center and then back to the photographers before the next race. I quickly figured out the best route, but at times it was definitely challenging with so many spectators.The photographer who was looking for some help took some of my school’s graduation photos this past May and was looking forward to having me come down to help.

The Wednesday night before the big event he held a BBQ at his farm in Versailles, KY where I got the opportunity to meet the group of photographers and editors that I was going to be working with for the weekend. There were people from Canon, The Lexington-Herald, and The Blood Horse at the BBQ. It was a wonderful experience and one that I will definitely never forget. I was able to network with both people in the photography industry as well as the horse industry. I was also able to ask questions regarding equipment and photography so it was also very educational.”                                                                            – Rachel Asmus

Photo by Rachel Asmus
Photo by Rachel Asmus
2015-11-01 22.42.08.jpg
Photo by Rachel Asmus

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