Models Needed for Friday Portrait Class Shoots – Get Professional Portraits and Learn about Studio Photography


Heather Shedd’s photograph of model Richard Petry from a recent Friday Portrait class shoot.

Models are needed for the College of DuPage Portrait Photography class. Volunteer models need to be available from 11 a.m. to noon on Fridays for makeup, and from noon to 3 p.m. for the studio shoots with the Portrait students. Each model will be photographed by a group of 3 or 4 students that will “pay” the model with custom prints and 3 to 5 digital images on a disk. The Portrait Photography class collaborates with Cosmetology and Theatre students, as well as other interested COD students and members of the community.

If you’d like to participate, email Instructor Terry Vitacco at She will send you a Model Sign-Up form and will add you to our class model list.  Get some great portraits and learn about studio photography at the same time.

5RichPetryMakeup copy

Cosmetology Student Kristina Ziebell applies makeup to Richard Petry before his studio shoot In the College of DuPage Photo Lab.


(Left Photo) Cosmetology Student Jocelyn Hernandez works on model Katya Pospisil’s hair in preparation for her Portrait class shoot. Photo by Anna Gay. (Right Photo) Jennifer Guitian’s portrait of model Katya Pospisil.

2Krpan OliviaCristianPortrait joy-2602

(Left Photo) Cosmetology Student Samantha Belcourt (far left) works on model Cristian Batiz as Jocelyn Hernandez styles model Olivia Baumann’s hair. Photo by Anna Gay. (Right Photo) COD Photography Student Sue Krpan’s portrait of Cristian and Olivia.


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