See some Great Images today – COD Photography Student Aline Fetter and COD Photo Alum Maureen Zwier Featured at Oak Brook Fall Festival of Fine Art from 11a.m. to 6 p.m.

Aline OB art

COD Photo Student and Lab Aide, Aline Fetter, with her “Through the Looking Glass” images at the Oak Brook Fall Festival of Fine Arts.

College of DuPage Photography Student Aline Fetter’s work from her “Through the Looking Glass” series will be featured today at the Oak Brook Fall Festival of Fine Art today.
Fetter’s Artist Statement:
Claude Monet said, “… a landscape does not exist in its own right since its appearance changes at every moment.” I agree that nature is ever changing and strive to capture its unique moments in the mysterious world of waterscapes. Here, natural light, wind, currents and seasons all work in conjunction to create dynamic scenes that change faster than the blink of an eye. For me, a waterscape isn’t just about tenuous moments. It’s about an unknown realm that reveals a brief look into another world where your imagination can run free. It’s where you find colors and patterns rife with personality and where you feel the juxtaposition of opposing emotions – peace and excitement, fear and courage, sorrow and happiness.In this photographic series, I wanted to capture the many moods of a fantastic world through the transient effects of light and atmosphere as they interact with and alter the surface of water. These images reveal the ways in which the sun, sky and other natural phenomena fuse to create beautiful impressions. I hope you enjoy viewing these fluid impressions of a moment in time as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Maureen OB art

COD Photo Program Alum Maureen Zwier with her “Mandala” images at the Oak Brook Fall Festival of Fine Arts.

College of DuPage Photography Alum Maureen Zwier’s work will also be featured today, from her “Mandala” series..

Zwier’s Artist Statement:

The term Mandala is Sanskrit meaning “essence”. It may also be translated as “completion” or “circle”. A mandala is usually a concentric diagram used to draw the eye, or self, inward. The mandalas I have created are computer manipulations of photographs. All of the original photographs are of organic, living organisms, whether they are people, plants or animals. Each mandala projects the energy of the original, photographed subject, which is referenced in the artwork’s title. I have also included a copy of the original image somewhere in the artwork.
All of my Mandalas are “printed” on metal using heat and pressure. The final Mandalas range from 10x10inches up to 50x50inches.


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