“Pathways, The Journey to Find Voice through an Extended Photographic Project” Exhibit Opens June 10th at the Wings Gallery at College of DuPage

Ethan Chivari

Sculpted Light by Ethan Chivari

Wings Art Student Gallery is pleased to announce PATHWAYS, a group show featuring the work of 6 student photographers from their Extended Photographic Project class. An Opening Reception will be held on Monday June 15th, 12 – 2 pm.

Under the instruction of Faculty member Lily Mayfield, the students took on the challenge of conceptualizing and executing a long term photo project. The students agreed to explore a single theme, process, subject matter or idea, and pursue variety, creativity and inspiration. By doing so they were required to integrate many of the tools and skills that they have learned and practiced throughout their academic learning journey, and push it to the limits to produce interesting and cohesive works of art.

Each one selected very different themes and used very different photographic techniques, but their pathways are similar. They push themselves to find new angles, new ideas. They strive to be better. They look for meaning. They look for their own voice.

The works include color and black and white images from students Ethan Chivari, Lynn Anderson, Joanne Hartley, Patti Mendoza, Deb Wesley and Matt Levins. The images vary from abstract to documentary lifestyle.

Chivari’s works are created with the use of the pixel-stick, which he uses to construct scenes that reflect a sense of playfulness. The artist wants the viewers to reflect on the beauty of light when it’s incorporated and sculpted into a work of art. Anderson’s images convey the beauty of abstract space and the interplay of light, before objects reveal their distinctions. The clear focus of the camera lens is discarded to encourage a deeper exploration. Hartley’s photographs document the lives of five young girls known as the Keen Sisters. She examines girlhood and sisterhood, and how the sisters’ daily lives and relationships are interwoven. Mendoza’s diptychs present an invitation to an open narrative where viewers can draw their own connections and create their own story between the seemingly un-relatable moments captured in two photographs. Wesley’s semester-long exploration of local yoga practice leads to a demonstration of the broad appeal that extends to all people, young and old, and depicts the varied environments in which yoga is practiced. Finally Levin’s Dreamscapes utilize in-camera manipulations to provide a portal to other worlds where landscapes, man-made structures or organic elements are transformed, the boundaries dissolved and the rules are broken to allow the viewer to be transported.

The exhibition opens June 10th and runs until July 31st. Gallery Hours & Location: Monday – Thursday, 11 am – 3 pm College of DuPage 425 Fawell Blvd, SSC 2210 Glen Ellyn, IL


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