Creative Boot Camp Class 2015 Kicks Off with a Tour of Jimi Allen Productions

Jimi big group

Jimi pano

The Creative Boot Camp Class visited Jimi Allen Productions, a subscription-based media, marketing and branding firm in Aurora last week.

Jimi Allen, the Lead Creative, started as a photojournalist. His passion is for people. He has photographed presidents in Washington, scientists in Dubai, missionaries in Portugal, and priests in Tibet, weddings, corporate events, portraits, and much more. Using photojournalism techniques, he aims to document his subjects and communicate a unique, inspiring story. His interdisciplinary education and visionary mindset is what fuels the culture of his studio. He has a Master’s degree in Visual Communication from Ohio University.

Jimi explained to the Creative Boot Camp students how his vision led him to build his business, develop innovative media strategies and create a new kind of community. He’s currently developing a co-working space called the Gravity Building, which is adjacent to his studio at 76 South LaSalle in downtown Aurora. 

 Jimi’s approach to development can best be described as “hands on.”

From launching his own photojournalism business with one camera out of a local Starbucks, to conceptualizing – then producing MoGa, an innovative, portable moving gallery, to designing and then reconstructing the historic home he lives in today, Jimi told students he had to create his own opportunities. The intimate, hands on connections he fostered are his calling card.

To build a profitable media marketing company, he realized he had to quickly identify what had to be changed and updated for his clients. When they were losing income due to a lack of effective business storytelling, he relied on his interdisciplinary approach.

He developed a unique, forward-thinking solution to their problem. In 2012, Jimi Allen Productions became Bureau Gravity, a subscription-based media, marketing and branding firm. At 56 S. LaSalle St., Gravity Building will begin offering desk space for rent this fall.





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