College of DuPage Photography Program Hosts Willowbrook High School Photo Students for First “High School Photo Day.”

1Alexis PIB

Model Alexis Krpan poses for Willowbrook High School and Photo 1101 students during the Paint it Black shoot.

2HS group

Photo by Caitlyn Zientara.

Willowbrook High School Photography Students came to College of DuPage for the first “High School Photo Day” last month. All 50 were ready for action as they participated in four different photography activities.Willowbrook Senior Caitlyn Zientara said that she was glad to get a “real, hands-on learning experience.”

The students started with a demonstration of the Cyanotype Alternative Process by Photo Faculty member Hans Klemmer.  “Being able to expose photographs on surfaces other than photographic paper, and developing those photographs with almost anything but chemicals was very appealing,” said Zientara.

Next they explored the  Motion Picture TV Department’s new Control Room and Green Screen with MPTV Program Specialist Glenn Glinke, who showed them the many capabilities of this new technology. That afternoon they participated in Terry Vitacco’s Photo 1101 Paint it Black Shoot in the MAC Lobby. Zientara said her class really enjoyed the location portrait shoot. “Students were able to interact and speak to the models, asking them to pose a certain way for the perfect shot.”

In Peter Bosy’s Photo 1300 Studio lighting demo, they learned commercial still life photography techniques for products on black reflective surfaces. Bosy also gave Willowbrook students practical business advice. “Students were introduced to different types of photography, as well as real world careers that use similar photography techniques and equipment,” said Zientara.

3Glinke Green Screen

MPTV Program Specialist Glenn Glinke demonstrates the new Green Screen to Willowbrook High School students.

4Hans cyan

Alternative Processes Instructor Hans Klemmer demonstrates the cyanotype process in the Photo Lab.


Studio Lighting in Peter Bosy’s Photo 1300 Class. Left Photo by COD Photo 1300 Student Mike McPherson. Right Photo by Caitlyn Zientara of Willowbrook High School.




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