Curto Retiring from COD, not Teaching

After 30 years teaching photography at College of DuPage, Photo Program Faculty member Jeff Curto will retire from the College of DuPage in May of 2014. His tenure there has been marked by a long stream of changes in photography and thousands of students who have passed through his classroom.

While Jeff will be leaving COD, he will still be teaching photography at other institutions and via his Italy Photography Workshops. For more information about Jeff’s workshops, see the workshop website at or send him an email at



2 Responses to Curto Retiring from COD, not Teaching

  1. Geri Penz says:

    I am sure that COD will miss you greatly, You have always been an inspiration and great teacher, I am glad for many times in the past where I have learned from you and valued your opinion pertaining to my work. There is no one better than you in teaching the History of Photography- that was one of my first classes in the Photography program at COD and your input and way of presenting the subject gave me a whole new perspective on the value of photography and all that went into its development. Thanks for all your dedication and I wish you the best in your new adventures – Sincerely, Geri Penz

  2. Susan says:

    Jeff, I see your accomplishments are legend and am looking forward to meeting you in Italy this year. COD will most assuredly suffer a loss.
    Just so you know…retirement is GREAT!

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