Summer Selected Topics Course Descriptions

You can’t live by Fundamentals of Photography alone. So, this summer, we’ve got a variety of exciting course offerings for you to choose from, happening in 5 and 8-week sessions. You’ll find brief descriptions of all of the “off- beat” summer course offerings below. It is important to note, however, that all of the courses listed here are taught in Summer Only; you won’t see them during the regular school year, so get ‘em while you can.

Registration for the summer term starts for returning Students on March 19 and for all students (new and returning) on April 2.

You can register using the MyAccess online registration system.

First 5 Weeks (May 30 to June 27)

Advanced Photoshop – PHOTO-1820-003
Monday, Wednesday 06:00PM – 09:00PM
Fred Drury

Designed for the experienced Photographer and Photoshop user interested in learning to more fully utilize selected advanced features of Bridge and Photoshop CS5.  The class will include the following topics: Shooting and processing in RAW format; Optimizing images with Shadow/Highlights; Using Curves for all of your color correction; Channels, channel masks and channel blending; Advanced sharpening; Why and when to use the LAB and CMYK color spaces; and, the advantages and alternatives available with HDR.  Prerequisites: Photography 1100, 1101 and 1102 or equivalents.

First 8 Weeks (June 11 to August 2)

Photographic Composition – PHOTO-1820-007
Monday 06:00PM – 09:50PM
Frank Jackowiak

Focus on making photographs instead of taking photographs.Any camera, any format, any film, any type of memory card can be used.A light touch of technical expertise will be ap- plied to compositional elements to help students produce exceptional results.A field trip or two along with interesting guest speakers round out the course experience.

Wet Plate Collodion – PHOTO-1820-008
Tuesday 06:00PM – 09:50PM
Gayle Stevens

Wet plate is another dimension, a world of spirits and memories.You will create tintypes, ambrotypes, salt prints and albumen prints.You will learn to shoot wet plate images in studio, on location and make plates with the enlarger. Revisit the time of Julia Margaret Cameron, Frederick Scott Archer, Mathew Brady,Timothy O’Sullivan and create unique images, unlike any you have made before. Learn how to make your own wet-plate col- lodion negatives and experience the joy of producing true hand-made photographs.

HDR and Multiple Shot Imaging – PHOTO-1820-009
Tuesday 06:00PM – 09:50PM
Curt Cechowicz

HDR or “High Dynamic Range” photography has become one of the newest applica- tions of digital photography technique. By combining different exposures of the same scene, photographers can create images with a range of tones never before available to them. Multiple images of the same scene can also be used to extend an image’s range of focus, create panoramic photographs, lower noise and increase the camera’s resolution. Learn about the varied applications of multi-image shooting in this course.

Photography Exhibition – PHOTO-1820-010
Wednesday 06:00PM – 09:50PM
Mary Dew

Explore the photographic fine-art world of exhibition, publication, and competition, stu- dents will explore the many facets of preparing, selecting, and presenting their photographs for public display. Students will also perform all aspects of assembling a fine-art exhibition that will result in the production and participation of a group gallery showing. Prerequisite: Photo 1200, 1300 and 1400

Electronic Flash – PHOTO-1820-011
Thursday 06:00PM – 09:50PM
Don Box

Confused about how to get the most out of your on-camera flash? Would you like to test the accuracy of your ETTL or ITTL flash exposures?Want to learn more about off-camera flash and minimalist lighting techniques? Need information about what flash equipment to buy? Do you want to learn how to control fill flash outdoors?

If you can say yes to any of these questions then you are ready to sign up for the Summer Electronic FlashTechniques class.We will explore all of these and many other topics that will help you to master your electronic flash equipment.


2 Responses to Summer Selected Topics Course Descriptions

  1. Geri Penz says:

    I am interested in the electronic flash class but it has been so long since I attended COD and am out of the district. Can you let me know what the current tuition cost is and will this class be primarily for using flash attachments with your own DSLR? Also would one be able to take the course not for credit? Thanks for any information you can give me so I can make a intelligent decision. Geri Penz

  2. Jeff Curto says:

    The COD Tuition web page has all the information about tuition for in-district and out-of-district fees for both regular registration and for auditing a class:

    The instructor’s email is noted above and he’d be the best contact for questions about course content.

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