Frank Jackowiak Hits The Big Apple

Adjunct Photo Program Faculty Member Frank Jackowiak went to New York City recently to attend an opening reception for photographer Vivian Maier. Regular Silcon & Silver readers will remember that Frank and a group of his students have been involved in helping to resurrect Maier’s legacy.

A story about Maier’s New York show ran in the New York Times Magazine and the NYT’s Lens blog published a post that quotes Frank extensively.

The article’s lead reads:

Frank Jackowiak proudly sported a badge when he arrived at the opening for Jeff Goldstein’s Vivian Maier exhibition at Russell Bowman Art Advisory in Chicago last April.

“I saw what Vivian never did,” the badge proudly read. “I processed her film.”

Mr. Jackowiak was leading about a dozen people from the College of DuPage who had been spending their Saturday afternoons processing undeveloped rolls from Mr. Goldstein’s Maier collection — the smaller of two major collections (the other belongs to John Maloof).


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