Faculty Member Drury Shows His “Underwater Life”

Adjunct faculty member Fred Drury has an exhibition slated to run from February 29 to March 27 at Gallery 7 in Joliet.

Fred’s exhibition, “My Underwater Life” will show images from twenty-five years of diving Earth’s tropical seas.  There will be an opening  reception on March 3 and will also give a talk in the gallery on March 9.  “In my lecture, ” he says,  “I’ll talk about the difficulties of photographing in the underwater environment, discuss the techniques and equipment needed for this very specialized kind of photography, and explain how digital technology has improved my view of the underwater world. I’ll share with you some of my images, some stories of our adventures, and explain some of the unique problems with underwater photography.”

Fred’s interest in Scuba dates back to the Jacques Cousteau television shows of the late 20th century.  As Fred says, “I’d done a couple of ‘test’ dives just after graduating college but could not afford the equipment or travel until after our children were grown.  Then in 1987, both Jean and I became certified divers, and we both fell in love with tropical coral reefs, and their inhabitants.   For 30 years we spent a major portion of our spare time traveling to, and diving in our planet’s tropical oceans.”


  • When: February 29 – March 27
  • Where: Gallery 7, 116 Chicago Street (Suite 102), Joliet, !L 60432 (One door north of the Rialto Theater).
  • Special Events:
    •  Reception 6:00-8:30PM, March 3
    • Lecture 6:30-8:30PM, March 9

    Click images below for larger views


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