Miles Lowry Does The Wright Thing!

Congratulations are in order for Photo Program faculty member Miles Lowry, whose photographs of the savannas of the eastern United States are being shown at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin center in Spring Green Wisconsin during the month of June, 2010.

Lowry’s exhibition, “Savannas in the Valley of the Lloyd Joneses” will have an opening reception on June 6 from 4:30 to 6:30PM.

Miles Lowry has been traveling the Eastern US for the past seven years in search of untouched forests and savannas in an attempt to celebrate their age and complexity. His photographs have been on exhibit at the Morton Arboretum and Chicago Botanic Gardens and are held in private collections throughout the Eastern US. For more information about the artist, go to

Miles writes a bit about the exhibition:

Before Frank Lloyd Wright…before the Lloyd Joneses…before Europeans settled in Wisconsin there were savannas of open-grown oak and hickory in small groves along the slopes of the hills and in the open. Prairie fires controlled their spreading.

Now, imagine a stationary satellite taking one picture of the region that stretches from Texas to lower Minnesota once every year for the past fifteen thousand years – when the last glaciers scoured North America.

As we watch the replay of this millennia-long “movie” captured from above, we see that during wet eras eastern forests crept westward. During dry periods, prairie fires kept the forests’ westward advance at bay. The transition zone undulated through the centuries east and west like waves lapping on a shore.

These transition zones are savannas… regions with their own specialized plant and animal communities adapted to a wooded life in the open.

In the open, fire resistant tree species grow broad and dome-like. Their branches compete for the sun horizontally while their forest relatives fight vertically for gaps in the forest canopy. Same tree – two different worlds.
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One Response to Miles Lowry Does The Wright Thing!

  1. Brenda Phillips says:

    Congratulations, Mr. Lowry, on doing it more “Wright” than DisneyWorld!! Will our class be able to see your fine exhibit (though no longer at Taliesin)?

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