Uwe Gsedl Hosts Fashion Shoot Demonstration and Studio Tour for COD Photo 1101 Students

© Chris Pestel 2010

Last month COD Photo Program Graduate Uwe Gsedl hosted a fashion shoot and lighting demonstration for Terry Vitacco’s Photo 1101 classes. He gave the students a tour of his West Chicago studio, showed his portfolio and described his many lighting variations.

© Barbara Kohn 2010

© Chris Pestel 2010

© Chris Pestel 2010

He explained how he shoots tethered so he can immediately evaluate his shots. “I like to make dramatic photographs,” he told the students. “The photographer must always remember that they are in charge of the shoot,” said Gsedl.

He shared many of his experiences from working with a diverse group of clients and gave valuable advice to the students in preparation for their  annual “Paint it Black” class photo shoot.

When asked  how to get  models to relax he suggested, “Tell them a story.”

© Robert Szerlong

© Robert Szerlong 2010

© Barbara Kohn 2010

Go to http://www.oovafotografie.com/ to view Uwe’s many galleries of fashion and fine art photography.


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