16-Bit JPEGs and Other Confusions

A Student Asks:

Q: I have been developing in lightroom then opening into photoshop cs4 and saving as a psd. A friend wants the photos and can only see jpegs. But when I use this process, jpeg does not appear as an option for saving. Is there a setting somewhere to change this?

A: There are two answers to this question – “Easy” and “Why are you doing it this way?”

The “Easy” Answer:

Lightroom Prefs set to send a 16-Bit image to Photoshop - click for larger image

Your Lightroom preferences must be set up to export a 16-bit image to Photoshop and you can’t save a 16-bit JPEG. Once you get your images open in Photoshop, you have to go to the Image menu: Image> Mode> 8-Bit to change your image to an 8-bit image and then you can save it as a JPEG.

The “Why are you doing it this way?” answer:

Export any file format from Lightroom using the "Export" option - click to see larger image

Not sure why you’re taking the extra step to open the images into Photoshop to save them as JPEGs. Lightroom can “Export” the images as JPEGs at whatever size you want them to be. In Lightroom’s “Library” module, select the images you want to have as JPEGs, then click the “Export” button, which will bring up the Export dialog box (see attached) where you can save the images as JPEGs at the size, color space setting and JPEG compression setting that you want.


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