What Kind of Portfolio Should I Use?

A frequent question from students, especially advanced students in the Photography Program has to do with portfolio cases. What sort or type of portfolio case should be used? As is often the case with questions related to gear and materials, the answer is… “it depends.”

Who are you showing the work to and what do you want to get out of the experience of showing the work?

If you are showing your work to magazine editors, commercial photographers, art buyers, etc, then you won’t be alone if you show your work in a portfolio “book” with pages that are bound or in a “ring binder” format:

This sort of portfolio case comes in economical types or more high-end/high-style types, like these: http://www.lost-luggage.com/store/home.php

If you’re showing fine art photography to collectors, gallerists or others associated with the fine art world, the standard is the clamshell box: http://www.lightimpressionsdirect.com/item.action?itemGroupId=262

The reason for this is that curators of gallery spaces and others like them are interested in actually seeing and handling the finished print; they want to see the quality of the finished “art product.” They also have an interest in taking images out of the box and arranging them in a specific order; the way they might in a gallery, something that’s hard to do with pictures that are in the pages of a “book” style portfolio.

There are “Rolls-Royce” products here, too:

The bottom line is that the way you present yourself and your work is an important part of the whole marketing chain of events. You can learn more about the way the business of photography works in the program’s Photo 2700 Professional Photographic Practices course and you’ll assemble your “hit the streets” portfolio in Photo 2750 Portfolio Presentation.

Show ’em what you’ve got!


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