Former Student Writes About Her Personal History of Photography

Click! Photography Changes Everything

Click! Photography Changes Everything

Former COD Photo student P. Bryn Benson says that she always liked writing about photography as much as she liked making photographs. A piece that she wrote was recently published on the important and internationally-recognized website “Click! Photography Changes Everything” which is produced by the Smithsonian Institution’s Photography Department. The site is a collection of essays and stories by invited contributors and website visitors discussing how photography shapes our culture and our lives. It looks at six major themes:

Bryn’s piece, entitled “Photography Changes How We Synthesize Our Life Stories” was selected to run in the section about memory and remembrance.

P. Bryn Benson sitting with her father

P. Bryn Benson sitting with her father

Her story is about visiting an estate sale as a brief escape from visiting her father in a nursing home and ruminating about an old wedding photograph that she saw there. That picture and its story are at the core of her heartfelt piece.

From the story:

I drove home in silence, seeing the photograph of Antonia in my mind’s eye. I thought of turning back, going in and buying it. For 5 bucks I could have Antonia Martini’s wedding picture. But I didn’t. It wasn’t the photo that was important now, but what it did to me and for me. Nothing happens in a photograph except what is happening to the person who sees it and brings it back to life.

Thanks, Bryn, for helping us see the value in photographs, especially as their images fade into history.


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