Nature Photographers Do It In the Wild!

Nature Photography – Photo 1450

By Fred Drury

This course will introduce you to the specialized techniques for photographing the natural environment.   We’ll get off to a fantastic start, taking the COD jet down to the Cayman Islands for the weekend and learn about underwater photography at the famed Cathy Church School.  Think sand beaches, blue water, warm breezes and rum drinks! Hmmm…

The course runs the full Spring term and consists of 7, 2-week units, each unit aimed at a different topic in nature photography.  Units will include, but not necessarily in this order: Composition in landscape photography, Hyperfocal focus for better landscapes, Wildlife photography, Macro-and super-macro photography, Creative flash for nature photography, and HDR options in nature photography.  Several experienced nature photographers will discuss and demonstrate their favorite techniques both by lecture and by field participation.

Each 2-week unit will begin with a lecture-presentation-discussion of the topic (or technique) in the classroom.  The next week we’ll apply the topic in the field.  The following week (back in the classroom) we’ll begin the session with a unit quiz and then critique the images submitted from the previous week’s field exercise; then move on to the lecture-presentation-discussion of the next unit.

Some of the field locations are indoors, more often outdoors.  Indoor locations used in past years include Hauserman Orchids, and the Garfield Park Conservatory.  Outdoor locations used in the past include The Morton Arboretum, Lyman Woods, Fermi Lab, Starved Rock State Park, Warrenville Grove and Messenger Woods.

In the interest of full disclosure, the bit about the COD jet and the Caymans was ‘marketing fluff’ included at the recommendation of a former Governor’s aide.  Actually that first outing is usually to The Morton Arboretum and we dress for snow and cold weather!  But we do have fun, and we do get some great images.  If you have, or think you might have, an interest in nature photography, this course will give you the opportunity to learn more skills and field practices.

Included with this shameless promotional are examples of course work done by last year’s class, all of whom were very interested but relatively inexperienced nature photographers.  I think they worked hard and did a great job!

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