Plan to Attend the National SPE Conference!

SPE National Conference - Philadelphia!

I know I promote the Society for Photographic Education (SPE) a lot… but, hey… I’m on the organization’s Board of Directors!

Photo students— you’d be amazed and astonished if you attended one of the national SPE conferences. Hundreds of students and faculty from other schools, some of the best photographers, photo educators and “photo thinkers” in the country and really excellent presentations. I know that many of you spend a lot of time and money going to things like Photoshop World… this is an opportunity to feed the NON-Technical side of your head (though there are also Adobe Demo sessions and Industry seminars, too). Photography is about ideas and an SPE conference is Photo Idea Central. Great Keynote speakers, portfolio reviews, portfolio sharing, gallery tours… there’s a lot packed into just a few days.

Download the PDF of the conference’s content and check out what’s going on at SPE in Philly this coming spring.

As an added bonus, student volunteer scholarships are available… volunteer and you get a dramatically reduced conference fee… AND you get a half-day seminar with Mary Virginia Swanson, Dennis Keeley and Susan kae Grant – “A Life in Art: The Realities and the Economy


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