Zombies Invade COD Photo Department

Zombie blond

© 2009 David Smith

The COD Fall Portrait Class has welcomed local actors, celebrities, athletes fashionistas, students, families, children and dogs, to pose for them every Friday this semester. Things changed when some boisterous, disruptive and unruly visitors stormed the Photo Department just before Halloween.

Word about the weekly modeling opportunity got out to a student Zombie group, and what  usually is a calm day of structured, professional practice in studio photography became an unruly, dangerous and tumultuous one.

Zombie Group

©2009 David Smith

First, the Zombies wandered into the Photo Lounge, where they threatened to attack and devour students if their demands to be photographed were not met at once.

Zombie Guy

©2009 David Smith

Thinking fast on her feet, makeup artist Lacey Mulder distracted them from their quest for human victims by demonstrating the importance of good makeup before having their portraits taken. Vanity won out, and several Zombies allowed Mulder to touch them up as Portrait students debated over whether or not to include the zombies in their photo sessions.

Lounge Zombies

©2009 David Smith

David Smith was photographing twin models Hannah and Sharon Talcott when they heard the shouting and heavy footsteps outside the studio door. They ventured outside to be quickly surrounded by the crowd of impatient Zombies.

The mindless, unfeeling monsters with a taste for human flesh impatiently ignored all polite requests to wait to be photographed and began to move in on the twins.

Fearing for their lives, the sisters fled down the halls of the Arts Center, only to be pursued by the throng of hungry flesh eating zombies.

Twin run 0

©2009 David Smith

Smith, realizing he had to make the most of this opportunity, had the presence of mind to grab his camera and began directing the Zombies to run down the hall while he photographed the action. Fortunately for the twins, the Zombies were slow on their feet and the twins were able to escape unharmed as Smith documented the drama.

Twin run away 1

© David Smith 2009

Twin run away 2

©2009 David Smith

Another Portrait class member, who wished to remain anonymous, also conquered his fears that afternoon and captured the horror in this video clip with his Canon 5D camera.

Finally satisfied that they had been photographed enough, the Zombies then proceeded to a Halloween party on the other side of campus.

Thanks to his uncommon bravery, Smith and the models came out unscathed, with memorable photojournalistic and studio images. Catastrophe was avoided once again by good photographic instincts.

Twins/mirror Portrait

©2009 David Smith

Twins/Chair Portrait

©2009 David Smith


One Response to Zombies Invade COD Photo Department

  1. Ann Mehrman says:

    Great story telling, a real thriller.

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