Podcasting and Photo Education at PhotoPlus

PhotoPlus Expo

PhotoPlus Expo- October 22 to 24, New York, NY - Click for more info

COD Photography Professor Jeff Curto will be doing two presentations at PhotoPlus Expo in New York City. PhotoPlus Expo, billed as “The Most Important Event in Photography” (hype, maybe, but probably deserved) will be held October 22, 23 & 24 at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan.

For the third year in a row, Jeff will be doing a presentation about Podcasting. This year, the presentation will incorporate information about using social networking tools as an adjunct to podcasting:

Podcasting and Social Media:
Podcasting, Facebook, Twitter and Blogging are all communication and social networking tools that allow you to broadcast your ideas, images and marketing materials to the world in a consistent way. With a podcast’s subscription method of distributing the content, you can build an audience of people who are anxious to hear and see your next project. Expand your creative and marketing potential by learning how to use this technology to find new audiences and opportunities. Curto will explore the current trends in podcasting, blogging and social networking tools as well as do a live demonstration of tools for recording, creating and distributing Podcasts. Both hardware and software tools will be presented and handouts will be provided.

In addition to that presentation, Jeff will also be part of a panel discussion about photographic education. Along with other faculty members (Dennis Keely from the Arts Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, Tom Ashe from the School of the Visual Arts, NYC and noted photo educator and author Douglas Holleley) Jeff will talk about how the digital era has altered photographic education:

Teaching in the Digital Age:
This panel discussion is ideal for a wide variety of photographic educators who face the challenge of teaching photography in the digital age. The panel will address developing curricula, assignments and strategies to lead effective critique using the latest tools and technologies. Before the digital revolution, photography built method, vocabulary and purpose as well as philosophy and community. It is the responsibility of educators to continue building from that excellence, awareness and responsibility to ensure a future for image-makers that is as great as our past.

If you’re in New York during PhotoPlus, please stop by either one of these presentations and say hello!


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  1. After i view your RSS feed it puts up a page of strange characters, may be the issue on my end?

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