Welcome to Silicon & Silver

Welcome to Silicon & Silver, the blog for the College of DuPage Photography Program.


2 Responses to Welcome to Silicon & Silver

  1. Terry Vitacco says:

    Hi Jeff,
    This blog is a good idea because students have asked about information that was previously discussed in past threads on the listserv. This can be a place to look up information that students may not
    have saved at the time.
    How about putting up something like “Headlines from the Photo Faculty”?
    For example, I could say the Biz class will be hosting guest speakers John Sevigny, social documentarian, Hank Erdmann, Nature shooter, etc. The Biz students are currently putting together a show for the Wings Gallery set to
    open Feb. 8th.
    I think something like this would be a way for newer students to casually hear about what classes are doing and it may persuade them to register for a certain course.
    Is this the kind of feedback you wanted?

  2. Christina says:

    This is a great step that we’ve got our own blog. Way to go 🙂

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